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Dealership Benefits

Additional Revenue and Profit Opportunity
Install the OTO Solution on all vehicles in your inventory and sell the solution along with the vehicle to the end owners. Lead generation for service work when vehicle error codes appear.
Mitigate Theft
Remotely lock doors and close windows on a large group of vehicles with a single keystroke. Ability to issue alerts if vehicle is experiencing unauthorized movement. Ability to immobilize the vehicle from unauthorized starting.
Save Time During Sales Process
Select multiple vehicles to a list for review with sales prospect and location map and commuting instructions to efficiently visit each vehicle. Unlock vehicle while walking parking lots without the key FOB.
Prevent Water Damage
Ability to close windows on a large group of vehicles with a single keystroke.
Mitigate Harmful or Unauthorized Vehicle Use
Alert for aggressive or unauthorized driving behavior of staff or potential customers.
Identify Problems and Save Time For Maintenance Work
Identify vehicles needing maintenance for tire pressure, battery or fuel level, and vehicle system error codes. Location map and commuting instructions to vehicles provided.
Web-based fleet management command and control center
View and control entire group of vehicles at once.
Web and app-based individual user modes
Access from your existing standard mobile devices.
Monitor and report on many vehicle metrics
Fuel, battery, tire pressure levels, vehicle motion, etc.
Control several vehicle systems
Doors, windows, trunk, ignition system, etc.
Map view
Locate the vehicles both indoor and outdoor.

About our Technology

Small Sized In-Vehicle Hardware
The OTO Solution uses little space within the vehicle. Depending on the implementation it consists of a base unit and an optional feature enhancement module.
No Wire Cutting
The OTO Solution connects to the vehicle using existing plugs and access points.
Everything is Ready
The OTO Solution is an IoT solution for the automotive industry. It consists of a cloud based command and control center, proprietary in-vehicle electronics and individual user access via responsive website and smartphone app methods. The proprietary in-vehicle OTO Link electronics communicates with the cloud based OTO Center via standard wide area communications network technologies. The OTO Link communicates with its paired vehicle systems through a variety of methods unique to the automotive industry.
Does OTO Solution only support new vehicles?
OTO Solution is designed to support all makes and models sold in the US in the last 20+ years, new or used; however, not all features are available on some makes and models. For example, power doors and windows are required for remote control of those.
My make and model car already offers many of these features. Why do I need this?
Dealers that carry multiple makes and models need a unified solution that works for all. A few isolated make and model solutions are not adequate. End vehicle owners may also have multiple makes and models and have similar issues.
What do I need to install and maintain?
The OTO Solution is cloud based so there is no central processing system to install or maintain. One or more compact electronics modules are installed to each vehicle; however, no current vehicle wiring cutting is required. The in-vehicle modules are normally installed by auto dealerships.
Will installing OTO Solution void the manufacturer's auto warranty?
In the US, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, passed by Congress in 1975, governs the warranties on consumer products including autos. Under that federal act the proper installation of any aftermarket products, including OTO Solution, do not automatically void manufacturer warranties.
How much is it?
The OTO Solution is available to auto dealerships at wholesale prices; please contact us for wholesale pricing.

The pricing varies depending on the features selected. Installation fees from dealerships or third party installers may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Smart and practical fleet management and car owner IoT solution
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